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Become a SACGA Member

Membership Types 

  1. Founder Membership
  2. Active membership:
    Companies involved in the typical areas of business in Southern Africa - defined as Sub-Saharan Africa. 
  3. Associate Membership:
    Companies involved in the typical areas of business outside Southern Africa.
  4. Association Membership:
    Any association or body having an interest in one of more of the compressed gas industry fields.
  5. Courtesy & Exchange Membership:
    Any association or society having a common interest with the Southern Africa Compressed Gases Association activities may, upon approval by the Board of Directors, be given a non-dues courtesy membership with or without a similar courtesy membership being extended by such organisations to SACGA.
  6. Honorary Membership:
    Individuals who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, have rendered notable, or meritorious, service to SACGA over several years.


Membership Eligibility 

Typical Fields Of Activity

  1. The manufacture, separation, compression, liquification and solidification of gases or kindred substances including acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, oxygen and nitrogen and any combinations thereof, by any process;
  2. The distribution and application of any such gases, substances and combinations for any purpose (medical, industrial, scientific or otherwise);
  3. The design and manufacture of containers, including cylinders, pressure vessels and evaporators for use in connection with any such gases, substances or combinations;
  4. The design and manufacture of apparatus and appliances of all kinds used, or capable of being used, in the consumption of any such gases, substances or combinations;
  5. The design and construction of plant for the manufacture, separation, compression, liquification, solidification and/or distribution, including piped systems and vehicles, of such gases, substances or combinations and f).
  6. The selling or servicing of equipment, containers, installations or vehicles in any of the fields referred to in paragraphs a) to e) above
  7. The provision of expert information, advice and training in any of the fields referenced in paragraphs a) to f) above.


Membership Categories

  1. Members who design/install Air Separation Units (ASU's), manufacture industrial gases, supply via pipeline and/or road transport.
  2. Members who manufacture and supply industrial gases.
  3. Members who locally manufacture industrial gas-related equipment.
  4. Members who are distributors, agents or importers of industrial gases and equipment, cylinder re-validators and pipeline reticulation installers.
  5. Members who locally manufacture, or act as distributors, agents or importers of consumables/raw materials for the industrial gas industry.
  6. Other


Voting Rights

Category  % Voting Rights
1 52
2 20
3 20
4 4
5 4
6 0


Membership Fees

Category 1:  Equal contribution of R62 510 / company.

Remainder of Categories based on annual revenue as follows:

Annual Revenue (Rand) Fee per annum
0 - 1 million R 8 321
1 - 3 million R 12 497
3 - 5 million R 16 663
Above 5 million R 20 840


NOTE : These membership fees will be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.


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